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Dr. David Sarver Teaches Interdisciplinary Smile Projection Techniques That Will Change Your Practice Forever!
Uncover what you should be seeing to yield maximally esthetic outcomes, considering concepts like esthetic balance and smile projection — And Get 4 CE Credits!

4 Hours



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Fellow Orthodontist...

Let's cut to the chase: We should be much more involved in what’s going on in dentistry than we are.

Ours is one profession that must excel at diagnosis, treatment planning, AND intervention.  

And according to Dr. David Sarver, the more professionals involved in care early, the better.

That's why he says "an interdisciplinary approach is a superior way to obtain the best smile projection."

And I wholeheartedly agree.

But in order to do that, everyone needs to be on the same page.

There are many barriers in dentistry when it comes to getting interdisciplinary treatment planning done right.

Dr. Sarver has seen this too often and knows what steps must be taken in order to get the job done...
... starting with being able to see what other specialties see.

For example, the amount of periodontics Dr. Sarver didn’t know early in his career that impacted decision-making was astounding (his words!).  

He quickly understood there are different restorative materials and advances periodontists are aware of—that benefit us—and this new 4 CE credit course will help expand what you see when you look at cases.

As another example, when tasked with replacing a missing lateral, 90% of Orthodontists will say “implant”—which may not the best solution.  

Rather, Dr. Sarver uses a winged bridge that doesn’t require a crown, is less invasive, is more esthetic, and lasts longer than implants.

These are just two situations where incorporating modern esthetic concepts and an interdisciplinary approach into treatment plans can yield maximally esthetic outcomes.

It falls within Dr. Sarver's belief of “If you don’t see it, you won’t treat it.”

Dr. Sarver's motivation for this course is to give dentists and orthodontists a global picture of how facial esthetics works and how we can incorporate that into the esthetic zone of orthodontics.

We want to give you an opportunity to learn from Dr. Sarver how to see things differently, use a face-first approach to treatment planning, and gain an understanding of the “why” behind it.

So you'll be ready to utilize his principles in your own practice for better outcomes and maximize results. 

After attending our brand-new full day 4 CE credit session, "Interdisciplinary Smile Projection For Lifetime Esthetics" 

You will have the tools to see the face and dentition in a different way, guiding you to understand:
  • What the REAL problems are with every case…
  • ​How to think your way through them and put them in a perspective so that you and the patient can agree on the focus of treatment, and...
  • ​How to choose the most appropriate and effective treatment methods that incorporate all available modalities.
We hope that after completing this course, you will apply what Dr. Sarver teaches into your everyday practice and really be able to see the smile in a whole new way.
Here's What You'll Learn...
  • What the "Face First Philosophy" is and how you can begin using it today.
  • ​How to work with other specialists to get the best results.
  • ​How to see the face and teeth differently and how that will change your perspective on treatment planning.
  • ​How to uncover what the real problems are and what you can do about them for lifelong results.
  • ​A systematic approach to workflow including Dr. Sarver's "Checklist Manifesto" on how to set up checklists that power every treatment plan.
  • ​Why you must consider facial esthetics in every case, how it impacts treatment planning, and what benefits will come from addressing them early.
  • ​How to go from diagnosis to treatment plan, while keeping up with new developments without losing effectiveness in your practice.
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Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Sarver has an almost innate ability to see a person's potential so he can create not only a beautiful smile that looks great and functions well the day the treatment is done - but twenty, thirty, forty, and more years after treatment.

Because of his pioneering work in the esthetic impact achievable through orthodontics, his understanding of how the face grows, matures, and ages - and what orthodontics can do to improve long-term outcomes, Dr. Sarver has been featured in the U.S. on NBC's "The Today Show", ABC's "The View", and Fox News.
His contributions to the advancements that make both the patient experience and the finished smile better continue to make orthodontics a more appealing choice for kids and adults alike.
  • Dr. Sarver received his DMD from The University of Alabama School of Dentistry and M.S. in Orthodontics from the University of North Carolina in 1979.
  • ​Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics
  • ​Member of the Edward H. Angle Society of Orthodontists
  • Fellow in both the International and American Colleges of Dentists
  • ​Fellow of the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry
Dr. Sarver has also authored or co-authored the following textbooks used to educate the next generation of Orthodontists:
  • "Esthetics in Orthodontics and Orthognathic Surgery'' was published in September 1998
  • ​Co-author (with Dr. Proffit and White) of the surgical text “Contemporary Treatment of Dentofacial Deformity)
  • ​Co-author of the 4th and 5th editions of Proffit’s classic textbook “Contemporary Orthodontics''
The Curriculum
  • Part 1: Smile Projection For 2022 And Beyond:
  • DURATION: 1.5 hours
  • ​In this intro session, you will learn the difference between a clinical and an evidence-based esthetic treatment approach, the "face first philosophy" of Dr. Sarver, how you can develop a treatment plan that reflects your patient's goals as well as your own, and how to decide which specialists to bring into your cases.
  • Part 2: Gradation - Mini and Micro Characteristic Analysis
  • ​​DURATION: 1.5 hours
  • ​Dr. Sarver discusses the concept of "Gradation" and how it plays a significant role in your patient's smile esthetics. He shows you how to find hidden beauty through a full set of diagnostic images.
  • ​He provides real-life cases and shows the effect that quantifiable changes in facial anatomy can have on your final esthetic outcome.
  • Part 3: Workflows and Checklists To Get The Results Your Patients Deserve 
  • ​​DURATION: 1 hour
  • ​Dr. Sarver walks through the different process and workflows he uses in practice, and how to use checklists for predictable outcomes and saved time for staff while providing comprehensive care.
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To your success,
Glenn Krieger, DDS, MS, FAGD

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