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Orthopreneurs University welcomes leading Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologist, Dr. Shiva Toghyani for a new 3D Imaging course that may change the way you practice every day!
You learned how to use a modern handpiece but never learned how to master 2D and 3D radiographic exams?!?!
Attend "Radiology and 3D Imaging For Modern Orthodontists" - led by a world class radiologic expert and discover how little you know about reading 2D and 3D images

5 Hours


June 17, 2022

Fellow Orthodontist...
Here's my big bold prediction for ortho imaging…
Odds are, you will have a CBCT and will be 3D imaging in your practice as a standard part of your workflow within the next five years.

Less than six years ago, almost every orthodontist and dentist in the United States was using alginate for every patient.

How's that working out for you now?

And if you’re NOT using 3D imaging yet…

Aren’t you sick and tired of not understanding what is, or isn’t a ghost artifact… what is normal anatomy… what is pathology… and simply not having the full picture when using 2D?

Here’s your chance to learn how to read 2D and 3D images from a world expert who will give you the confidence to take the next step forward with your exams!
So why do so many practices continue to use 2D imaging when 3D is available?

The answer is simple. They don't know what they're missing.

The minute I saw my first 3D scan, I was hooked. 

There is just so much more information available when you can see all sides of the teeth.

3D imaging allows you to see things that you can't on a 2D image, like how the teeth relate to each other, the location of the roots, and even potential pathology.

3D imaging is also great for treatment planning. You can virtually move the teeth around in 3D to see what the final result will look like. This is something that you just can't do with 2D images.

With advanced 3D technology, you can get a truly accurate picture of the health of your teeth and jaw, so you can make informed decisions about your treatment.


If you're still using 2D imaging, you could be missing important information about your patient’s situation

You’ve likely noticed how 3D imaging is becoming all the rage in orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning. Here’s why:
  • 3D images provide a more accurate picture of your teeth and jaw.
  • ​3D images can help identify issues that may be difficult to see in 2D, including jaw alignment, dental crowding, and bite misalignment.
  • ​With 3D imaging, orthodontists have the ability to plan more precise treatments tailored to your unique needs.
  • ​3D images allow for better patient counselling and communication, giving you a better understanding of your orthodontic treatment.
So Even If…
  • You're still living in the 2D world of imaging…
  • ​You've been confused by the debates and arguments about CBCT online…
  • ​You hear conflicting messages about the true radiation and benefits of 3D imaging.
And if you've ever wondered...
  • Do I REALLY need 3D imaging?
  • ​Isn't it "overkill" and "cause too much radiation?"
  • ​How much does it cost to own and operate a CBCT machine?
  • ​Is there a "right" size for my office?
  • ​How do I interpret the images?
  • ​What are some of the clinical applications for 3D imaging in orthodontics?
  • ​Am I responsible for interpreting all information in a CBCT image?
Then this is the course for you!

I invite you to join me for a special 3D imaging course that will change the way you practice orthodontics.

The truth is you can never completely get rid of conventional imaging because for some people who were blessed with just a few crooked teeth and good jaw growth, 2D is all you need. You don't have to radiate them with three-dimensional imaging.

But for the majority of your patients who have more complex issues like impacted teeth, TMJ disorders, and difficult extractions... 3D imaging will give you the information you need to make fully informed treatment decisions.

With the ability to transform your practice, get superior outcomes and provide the best care possible for your patients, 3D imaging is truly a game-changer in orthodontics.

Similar to how Plastic Surgeons provide a full-body view of the outcome instead of a two-dimensional image patients' aren’t trained to understand...

When combined with new software tools, CBCT can help you visualise and communicate treatment progress in a more immersive way, providing better patient outcomes and allowing you to move beyond the traditional limitations of 2D imaging.
With 3D Imaging As Part Of Your Arsenal You Can...
  • UNDERSTAND bite alignment and jaw misalignment issues that are often undetectable with 2D imaging
  • PLAN more precise treatment and customise solutions to meet each patient's unique needs
  • DIAGNOSE problems early, so you can intercept and avoid serious complications down the road
  • COMMUNICATE better with patients and staff, leading to improved treatment compliance and fewer surprises
  • COORDINATE care with other specialists, so you can provide comprehensive treatment for your patients
  • TEST DRIVE different treatment options before you commit, so you can find the best solution for each patient
Using 3D lets you go beyond esthetic results – it gives you the ability to provide effective treatment for patients with more severe malocclusion and TMJ issues, helping you achieve better results and build a more successful practice.

It's the next big step in orthodontics, and it's going to help you achieve your goals while providing a better experience for your patients.

Don't get left behind and learn from the best in the industry – sign up for our upcoming online course on 3D imaging today!

Meet Your Instructor

  • BEAM READER EXPERT - This means that Dr. Shiva is one of the world's leading experts on 3D imaging in orthodontics, reading thousands of CBCT scans per year.
  • ​Dr. Shiva Toghyani earned her DDS degree in 2010.
  • ​She completed a one-year preceptorship followed by a certificate in Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology and a Masters in Dental Diagnostics at the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio in 2016.
  • ​Dr. Toghyani is a Diplomate of the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology (ABOMR).
  • ​She was an assistant professor at the University of Louisville from 2016 to 2018 and an assistant professor at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston from 2019 to 2020.
  • ​She has several publications and book chapters and is a reviewer for Oral Surgery, Oral Pathology, Oral Medicine and Oral Radiology (OOOO).
  • ​She has delivered lectures, hands-on instructions, and continuing education courses on various aspects of dental radiology and 3D imaging.
Dr. Shiva Toghyani
In this course, Dr. Shiva will show you how to use the latest software tools to take your CBCT images and turn them into detailed 3D models that you can use to plan treatment, communicate with patients and staff, and coordinate care with other specialists.

By the end of this course, you'll have a solid understanding of how to use CBCT in your practice to improve patient outcomes and build a more successful practice.

Including some MYTH-BUSTING of old assumptions and ideas about dental imaging that'll SHOCK you (in a good way!)

So if you're looking to brush up on your 3D imaging skills, learn new techniques, or want to stay ahead of the curve with 3D imaging becoming more and more popular in orthodontics, this course is for you!

Join Dr. Toghyani for her upcoming course: "Radiology and 3D Imaging For Modern Orthodontists" – and discover how to take your practice to the next level with 3D imaging.

This course is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of 3D imaging, from the basics of how it works to advanced techniques that can help you achieve better results with your patients.

Whether you're just starting out in orthodontics or are an experienced practitioner looking to expand your skills, this course is for you.

So sign up today and begin learning how to bring 3D imaging into your practice!
Here's What You'll Learn...
  • The basics of 3D imaging
  • ​How to interpret CBCT images
  • The most common incidental findings on CBCT imaging
  • ​Fact vs. Fiction about the risks of radiation exposure
  • How CBCT imaging can assist in the diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea
  • ​The normal radiographic appearance of the TMJ
  • ​And much more!
3D Imaging in Orthodontics: Myths And Facts From The Pros
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Radiology for Modern Orthodontists — The Curriculum
  • Section 1 - 2D Imaging
  • DURATION: 1 hour
  • ​Learning Highlights:
  • ​Identify soft and hard tissue anatomy on panoramic images
  • Understand and differentiate between "Real," "Double," and "Ghost" on panoramic images
  • ​Identify soft and hard tissue anatomy on lateral cephalometric images
  • ​Complete a search pattern to allow for optimal review of images
  • ​Understand how to get the most clinical value from conventional dental radiographs
  • Section 2 - Basics of 3D Imaging
  • DURATION: 2 hours
  • ​Learning Highlights:
  • ​Understand why clinicians and patients think differently about risk from dental X-rays
  • Understand the current risk estimates for CBCT imaging
  • ​Prepare a simple strategy to address patient’s concerns regarding radiation exposure
  • ​Understand key CBCT imaging terms including pixel, voxel, resolution, imaging planes and field of view
  • ​Understand the importance of these concepts in common clinical scenarios
  • ​Understand the importance of optimal image acquisition by selecting proper scanning protocols and quality assurance
  • ​Learn how to create cross-sections and reformations for your diagnostic needs
  • Section 3 - Interpretation of CBCT Images
  • DURATION: 2 hours
  • ​Learning Highlights:
  • ​Understand how Increasing knowledge of anatomy leads to increased efficiency and accuracy of CBCT analysis and diagnosis
  • Learn the most common locations for pathology on CBCT images and useful tips and tricks to identify normal from abnormal
  • ​Understand the importance of incidental imaging findings and learn the most common incidental findings on CBCT imaging
  • ​Understand the spectrum of obstructed airway/sleep hypopnea/sleep apnea for children and adults
  • ​Understand how CBCT imaging can assist in the diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea for orthodontic patients
  • Learn the normal radiographic appearance of the TMJ and how to identify potential TMJ issues
  • Learn how TMJ dysfunction affects the rest of the craniofacial complex
  • ​Understand when to ask for a second opinion to interpret the radiographic images
  • ​Understand the goals and content of each section of a radiologist’s report
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