A Sit Down With Innovators In Orthodontics

The Orthopreneurs Podcast

We had a chance to hear from Brandon Owen, John Pham, and Adam Schulhof as they sat down for a group interview at the Orthopreneurs Summit back in October. You’ve heard their names and you know their products, but do you really know the stories behind KLOwen, Inbrace, and Grin?

For decades, the orthodontics field has not been as innovative as other consumer-facing fields. The reason for this is anyone’s guess, but we have been pretty much conservative in our approach.

Maybe because the conservative approach, or the middle lane as we call it, has meant that we remain safe, but the fact of the matter is that we are leaving A LOT on the table.

Case in point, how many consumers across the United States does the cosmetic industry have compared to our industry. Yet we all know how important a smile is to a person’s overall appearance.

Fundamentally, innovation is about creating new products that can help us draw in new patients to our orthodontic chairs.

But as you’ll be hearing from these three founders, there is so much opportunity in our field for any orthopreneur who dares to dream of a new future for our profession.

Among the things we chat about:

  • The necessity of innovation
  • Category creation in orthodontics
  • How to draw in new consumers
  • The orthodontist funnel
  • Lifestyle matching for orthodontic consumers

This is a stimulating conversation that you don’t want to miss. Tune In!

Key Takeaways

  • From idea to product (00:40)
  • Innovating for consumers (06:09)
  • Work-life synergy for innovators (08:36)
  • What drives innovators (15:43)
  • Drawing in more people to our practices through category creation (28:28)
  • The orthopreneur funnel (29:40)
  • Lifestyle matching for orthodontist patients (34:40)
  • Why are there no orthodontic incubators? (38:25)
  • Imagining a new future for the ortho profession (44:59)

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