Aesthetic Finishing In Orthodontics | 5-Minute Fridays

Aesthetic Finishing In Orthodontics

The overwhelming majority of orthodontists hate restorative dentistry. This is odd because, as an orthodontist, you probably have better hand skills and a better understanding of restorative dentistry than many restorative dentists.

As part of our treatment planning, we need to consider restorative dentistry work to finish cases appropriately.

In this and the coming episodes of 5 minute Fridays, we’ll talk about restorative dentistry, prosthodontics, and the macro and micro aesthetics of what we do. This is the stuff that will truly set your practice apart.

Listen in to learn more on macro and micro aesthetics as we gear towards Dr. David Sarver’s course at the Orthoprenuer University.

Key Takeaways

  • How restorative dentistry will set you apart as an orthodontist (00:32)
  • Prosthetic orthodontics (02:40)
  • The representation of photos relative to real-life (04:03)
  • Why you need to pay more attention to macro and micro aesthetics (05:53)

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