Tips to Avoid Orthodontist Burnout w/ Dr. Robert Trujillo

Tips to Avoid Orthodontist Burnout with Dr. Robert Trujillo

Orthodontics is an amazing and rewarding career. Not only are orthodontists some of the brightest individuals, and hence why they got into this career, but they are also some of the most driven people. Add this to the fact that we improve our patients’ lives through what we do every day.

Unfortunately, despite all these positives about our careers, many orthodontists are suffering silently due to burnout.

In this episode, I am joined by Dr. Robert Trujillo, a board-certified orthodontist and a transformational life coach, to raise awareness and shed more light on this problem. 

Dr. Trujillo practices out of the Seattle Area in Washington and lives there with his wife and two daughters. 

Having struggled with burnout and experienced how painful and hard it can be, he has set out to help orthodontists, and other professionals deal with this problem through his Transformation to Thrive Program.  

We talk about work-life balance, aligning our goals and vision for success, and why you don’t have to wait to get help.

Tune in.

Key Takeaways

  • Introduction to Dr. Robert Trujillo (00:00)

  • Burnout is real in orthodontics (07:32)

  • How burnout manifests itself (10:35)

  • Achieving balance in life (14:52)

  • The big problem orthodontists face (17:10)

  • Rekindling the fire in your gut (23:23)

  • Transformation to Thrive Program (26:01)

  • Overcoming sunk cost bias when things aren’t working (29:14)

  • Why do you work so hard? (31:24)

  • Is burnout intrinsic or extrinsic (35:49)

  • We align teeth, let’s align our lives (41:28)

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