Balancing Practice, Learning, and Motherhood w/ Dr. Shira Tor

Balancing Practice, Learning, and Motherhood w Dr. Shira Tor

Right from a young age, Dr. Shira Tor knew she wanted to become an orthodontist. She had this big diastema, which really messed up her self-confidence. She would laugh with her hand covering her mouth.

But as soon as her mom took her to an orthodontist who fixed her smile, her self-confidence grew, and right there, she knew this was her calling.  

She promised her orthodontist, Dr. Ira Weiss, that she would one day become an orthodontist like him to help other kids.

And not only did Dr. Shira work hard and become an orthodontist, but she also became an associate at Dr. Weiss’ practice and later transitioned to a partner and is now in the process of becoming the senior partner.

Dr. Shira completed her Doctorate of Dental Medicine Degree at Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health and her orthodontic residency at Einstein Hospital in Philadelphia.

She attributes her success in the ortho field to her willingness to learn new things by taking lots of CE courses and being part of several study groups.

In addition to her Ortho journey, we talk about balancing the demands of growing a practice and motherhood. Dr. Shira shares some unique perspectives on this issue, including how to overcome the ‘mom guilt’ that some mothers might feel.

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Key Takeaways

  • Dr. Shira Tor Ortho journey (02:13)

  • What made Dr. Shira become an orthodontist (08:23)

  • Patient to Associate to Partner to Senior Partner (09:02)

  • Why you need lots of CE to succeed (18:37)

  • How to balance motherhood and practice (23:09)

  • Overcoming mom guilt (25:39)

  • Grilled cheese story (33:38)