Being in the Present Moment of Your Life w/ Dr. Jeannie Moody

Being in the Present Moment of Your Life w: Dr. Jeannie Moody

The last time Dr. Jeannie Moody was in the podcast, she changed my life….(go back and listen to episode 15 to find out what I’m talking about). She made me look at my practice in a different way. 

She has a way of inspiring us to become better by looking at ourselves and admitting it’s okay to ask for help.

Jeannie coaches people on mindset, leadership, accountability, and personal growth while also running her Orthodontic Practice in Austin, Texas.

She joins us again today to talk about being in the present moment of our lives and many other great things we discuss in this conversation.

As Orthodontists, sometimes we can run our lives out of balance and easily get burnt out. Dr. Jeannie has an amazing perspective on how we can balance life, practice, and family to be more productive while still maintaining those relationships that matter.

I promise you that if you listen to this episode, you’ll find some ways to change your life for the better.

Jeannie is also one of our amazing speakers at the OP Summit 2022, so register if you haven’t already. We are almost completely full!

Key Takeaways

  • Dr. Jeannie Moody’s story (02:57)

  • Being vulnerable with your team (07:53)

  • Evolution of leadership (12:52)

  • What’s your WHY (17:18)

  • Being in the present moment (18:02)

  • Are you creating a long term fix to your problem (19:19)

  • Have some balance in your life (25:05)

  • Invest in yourself to be a better person and leader (31:49)

  • Consider getting a virtual assistant (40:01)

  • Live in the high knowledge, high passion quadrant (42:16)