The Best of 2023: What it Takes to Build $27 Million-a-Year Practice w/ Amanda Floyd

The Best of 2023: What it Takes to Build $27 Million-a-Year Practice w/ Amanda Floyd

In the first episode of “The Best of 2023” series, we revisit a podcast episode that left an indelible mark on the orthodontic community.

Featuring Amanda Floyd, the Chief Operating Officer of Fishbein Orthodontics, this episode delves into the exceptional growth and success of one of the country’s fastest-growing orthodontic practices.

With a staggering $27 million in revenue in their biggest year and a workforce exceeding 100 employees, Fishbein Orthodontics stands as a testament to effective leadership and strategic management.

Amanda underscores the pivotal role of treating the team right, asserting that a strong team culture is the foundation for exceptional patient care.

As we kick off “The Best of 2023” series, I hope you can once again unravel the secrets to successful hiring and understand why Fishbein Orthodontics remains resilient amidst industry staff shortages.

Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of the core principles that have propelled Fishbein Orthodontics to the forefront of orthodontic excellence.

Key Takeaways

– Intro (00:00)

– Meet Amanda Floyd (00:30)

– Challenges of scaling a practice (07:57)

– Organic hiring for an Ortho practice (10:40)

– Fishbein Fundamentals (19:05)

– Culture drives everything (22:11)

– The key to a successful partnership (26:19)

– Collecting good people (27:23)

– Ortho book to grow your practice (38:58)

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