Better Practices Lower Stress | Top OrthoPreneurs Moments 2022 (PT3)

Better Practices Lower Stress Top OrthoPreneurs Moments 2022 (PT3)

In the third and final highlight episode of the best bits from 2022, I want to take a moment and remind you what OrthoPreneurs is all about.

It’s about belonging to a community that brings peers together to become the best clinicians and business owners they can be.

As an orthodontist, you are smart and have accomplished a lot to get to where you are. But despite everything, dental schools and ortho residencies don’t teach us how to run a practice effectively and with low stress.

Stress in Orthodontics and the wider field of Dentistry is a real phenomenon affecting many of us.

We conclude our 3-part “Best of the Best 2022” series with fellow doctors and other important guests sharing their most valuable advice on life and business. As you listen, my hope is that you find gems that help you to lower your stress and live your best life in 2023. Reach out if you ever need anything.

Key Takeaways

  • This is how you become a better orthodontist (01:31)
  • Adapt or die (04:33)
  • What to do when you get that 1-Star review (06:59)
  • Juggling motherhood, practice, and CE (11:37)
  • Making your practice the best for your customers (13:58)
  • R&D tax credit for orthodontists explained (16:49)
  • Warning signs that you need help (18:32)
  • Inside the amazing world of longevity and biohacking (22:16)
  • Venture capital and private equity in the dental industry (27:26)
  • Feed your ego or feed your family (31:09)
  • It ain’t over ’til it’s over (33:45)
  • 3D printing in orthodontics (34:36)
  • The impact of ransomware on your practice (36:17)
  • The role of preventive medicine in orthodontics (39:48)
  • Intentional hiring (42:33)
  • Closing open bites predictably (46:54)
  • Smile projection for lifetime esthetics (48:49)
  • Does Dental Monitoring undermine the orthodontic world? (52:31)

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