CBCT and Practice Transitions Consulting w/ Ty Ramsey

CBCT and Practice Transitions Consulting w/ Ty Ramsey

CBCT technology has been a game changer in how we visualize, diagnose and plan treatment for our orthodontic patients. It can be said to be the foundation of what we do.

But there remain some doubts among some people as regards the effect of radiation patients are exposed to. This is despite numerous studies and research papers that show otherwise.

In this episode, I am joined by probably the most experienced person when it comes to CBCT technology. He does a lot of consulting and helps doctors use their CBCT systems more efficiently. He also lectures at orthodontic meets all over the country. 

In fact, he is one of our speakers at the OrthoPreneur Summit 2023 in Orlando. 

He helps us separate the facts from the myths and outlines the common mistakes he sees in the usage of CBCT.

Ty Ramsey also helps doctors with practice transitions by connecting them to firms that are the right fit for their needs.

Tune in to hear more about CBCT and how Ty can help you in other areas of practice management.

Key Takeaways

  • Meet Ty Ramsey (01:06)

  • 3 truths and a lie (05:12)

  • Leveraging CBCT for practice growth (09:22)

  • Common misunderstandings about CBCT (10:32)

  • Mistakes doctors make using CBCT (14:32)

  • How CBCT improves our patients’ lives (16:20)

  • Take the Ferrari out of the garage (18:21)

  • Practice transition and M&A consultation (21:54)