Challenges and Opportunities in Today’s Orthodontic Practice w/ Dr. Douglas Shaw

Challenges and Opportunities in Today's Orthodontic Practice w/ Dr. Douglas Shaw

Any orthodontist who has practiced for several years knows that the landscape has changed significantly. Running a successful orthodontic practice is now more challenging than a decade ago.

One of the biggest challenges we are all facing is finding and retaining the right team members for our practices.

This problem has become more pronounced post-Covid with the competitive job market and changing work preferences, making staffing a significant hurdle for many practices.

However, amidst the challenges, there are bright spots. Technology, particularly remote monitoring tools, is a game-changer. Without remote monitoring, many practices would be in trouble.

By reducing the need for frequent in-person check-ups, these tools can improve efficiency and free up valuable time for both patients and staff.

I am joined by my partner and friend, Dr. Douglas Shaw, to talk about the evolving nature of running an orthodontic practice, particularly in adapting to challenges like staffing and leveraging technology like remote monitoring.

We also talk about the importance of friendship in forming a successful business partnership and joining an OSO and answer some outlandish questions.


Key Takeaways

– Intro (00:00)

– The only reason you should partner with someone (05:29)

– The challenge of finding employees in the current market (15:32)

– The role of remote monitoring in today’s practices (18:03)

– Lessons from partnering with an OSO (27:10)

– Outlandish questions for Doug Shaw (34:29)

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