Clinical and Musical Pearls w/ Dr. Chris Teeters & Dr. Brian Anderson

Clinical and Musical Pearls w/ Dr. Chris Teeters & Dr. Brian Anderson

Today on the show, we have two superstars of the Orthodontic profession. They are multi-talented, super-achievers, and overall great people who have contributed immensely to Ortho.

We have Dr. Brian Anderson and Dr. Chris Teeters, founders of Orthodontic Pearls.

In addition to founding and moderating the biggest Orthodontic exclusive Facebook group in the world (with over 8,000 orthodontists), they also organize the annual Mother of Pearls Orthodontic Conference.

They are also members of the World’s Only All-Orthodontist band, RELAPSE.

As you can tell, these two gentlemen are full of energy and passion, not only for Ortho but also for life.

You’ll hear us talk about:

  • Why they started the Orthodontic Pearls group
  • The challenge of moderating online conversations
  • Why doctors are so passionate about their clinical opinions
  • Balancing your practice work with other interests in life
  • Why you shouldn’t miss the Mother of Pearls Conference

Tune in!

Key Takeaways

  • How the Orthodontic Pearls group came into existence (01:11)

  • What it takes to run an online group (07:11)

  • Why do online clinical opinions create a lot of emotions? (12:37)

  • Balancing your clinical and business skills (16:26)

  • Finding balance in life (19:37)

  • Shift Happens RELAPSE Tour (21:57)

  • Why you should attend the Mother of Pearls Conference (31:05)

  • Other members of the RELAPSE band (41:20)