Incorporating Sleep and Airway Into Everyday Orthodontic Practice

5 Hours CE — Dr. Rebecca Bockow

What is the orthodontist’s role in the interdisciplinary management of sleep disordered breathing in both kids and adults? What age should we intervene? What appliances should we use? When and why? What are our options for non-growing patients? How do we as orthodontists interact and communicate with allied health professionals? Does the order of intervention matter when it comes to interventions like tonsillectomy and expansion.
What role do TAD expanders play in the treatment of adults with sleep and breathing disorders? What surgical options are available and how do we treatment plan for occlusion, facial aesthetics, and airway?
We will delve into all of the above questions and more in our all day course. We will investigate what the literature says, go through case examples, and Dr. Bockow will share with the audience pearls as well as pitfalls from her own practice.
Learning Objectives:

  • How do we diagnose sleep disordered breathing in our patients
  • Is timing important in intervention?
  • What appliances can I use, when, and why?
  • What is the orthodontists’ role in an interdisciplinary airway management team?

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Course Includes

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