L.E.A.P. Masterclass

For residents and orthodontists just starting their careers, you'll learn to create a solid plan for success. LEAP = Learning an Entrepreneurial Approach to Practice

Our L.E.A.P. (Learning an Entrepreneurial Approach to Practice) Masterclass program is for residents and orthodontists just starting their careers.  You’ll get valuable information about how to get started to create a solid plan for success.This course is taught by Glenn Krieger, DDS,MS,FAGD and while the hour total or so of video is broken up into smaller, easier to digest pieces, it’s the non-video work that’s going to help you succeed.The course comes with worksheets, auxiliary resources from the web and even a suggested reading list for certain sections if you want to learn more.
This course was created to help any orthodontist work through a systematic way of creating mindfulness for many aspects of running a successful practice, including:

  • Creating a plan for your practice
  • Figuring out where and how to practice
  • Understanding the basics of associateships and partnerships-from both sides
  • How to make yourself more marketable for finding an associateship or job
  • How to figure out the members of your professional team (accountant, lawyer, etc)
  • How to pay yourself sooner
  • The basics of marketing
  • Hiring and firing for success

It’s obviously impossible to sum up all of practice in a short online video module, but this will help any clinician think about every part of their professional life and help take it to the next level. Click on “Take This Course” above, and get started today!

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