Customizing The Ortho Practice Digital Workflow w/ Dr. Heather Hopkins

Customizing The Ortho Practice Digital Workflow w Dr. Heather Hopkins

Today on the show, we have a two-time returning champion, Dr. Heather Hopkins. The last time she was on the OrthoPreneurs podcast, a little over 3 years ago, we talked about the potential future of our profession.

Most of Dr. Hopkins’s predictions about our profession turn out to be correct. In this episode, she shares some amazing stuff she has been working on.

She has partnered with Asana and Align Technology to come up with a digital workflow platform for orthodontic practices known as Asana Smiles for Align.

As we move toward all-digital treatment modalities, there is a need for a robust workflow solution platform to help doctors and their teams scale digital technologies and keep track of everything in the process and increase efficiencies.

In addition to the Asana Smiles workflow platform, Dr. Hopkins walks us through how to have better clinical outcomes with digital treatment modalities. Her practice is 100% digital with clear aligners and custom digital brackets.

Tune in to this episode as Dr. Hopkins simplifies the complex topic of digital workflow and even demos how the Asana Smiles platform works.

Key Takeaways

  • Dr. Hopkins Tipping Point Orthodontic Solutions (04:33)

  • How to have better outcomes with digital treatment modalities (07:47)

  • Asana Smiles workflow platform (09:25)

  • The cycle of innovation in ortho (10:09)

  • Mass customization within orthodontics (10:50)

  • The value of custom appliances to provide a better experience (17:50)

  • Ortho digital workflow (18:36)