De Novo Practices and Creating a Side Business w/ Dr. Susan Podray

De Novo Practices and Creating a Side Business w Dr. Susan Podray

Dr. Susan Podray is not only a good orthodontist but also a dyed-in-the-wool entrepreneur. She has a 6-location practice in Georgia besides investing in commercial real estate and also running a side business with her kids.

Just like my own journey, she didn’t become an orthodontist straight away. She first practiced as a general dentist briefly, then went back to school to become an orthodontist just like her father. Her brother is also an orthodontist. (The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree)

As you’ll be hearing in this episode, Dr. Susan and I have even more things in common. We are both partners at Smile Doctors. We discuss how our practices have become more efficient after joining the OSO. She has even gone ahead and opened a new practice while partnered with Smile Doctors.

You’ll definitely find her unique perspectives on many issues helpful, including starting a de novo practice compared with buying an existing practice and creating more income streams into your life as you get older.

Listen in!

Key Takeaways

  • General dentistry to Ortho (04:44)

  • Develop your personal brand (11:17)

  • Starting a new practice while partnered with an OSO (18:27)

  • Becoming more efficient after joining an OSO (21:02)

  • Buying a practice vs. starting a new one (25:08)

  • Finding balance in life (38:41)

  • Running a side business (45:05)

  • Creating more income streams as you get older (50:47)