Djamil Abiyev’s Game-Changing Orthodontic Innovations | Partners Dental Studio

Djamil Abiyev's Game-Changing Orthodontic Innovations Partners Dental Studio

In today’s episode, I am honored to speak with a true innovator and industry trailblazer, Djamil Abiyev, the President and CEO of Partners Dental Studio.

Djamil Abiyev’s story is one of determination, passion, and innovation.

He embarked on his journey in the United States in 1998, armed with a dental degree from Azerbaijan Medical University. Quickly immersing himself in the dental lab industry, Djamil mastered all aspects of lab management, ultimately finding his true calling in the orthodontic field.

Specializing in fabricating orthodontic appliances, Djamil and his team at Partners Dental Studio thrive on tackling challenging cases. As a board-certified dental lab, Partners Dental Studio has been unveiling groundbreaking techniques and approaches that are reshaping the orthodontic landscape.

The use of 3D printing in orthodontics and airway analysis stands out, with Djamil’s team demonstrating a unique capability to create Swappable screws and custom expanders using medical-grade printable titanium.

Tune in as we’re going to cover techniques and approaches that’ll blow your mind, things that literally no other lab is doing that will change your practice!

Key Takeaways

– Intro (00:00)

– Meet Djamil Abiyev (01:12)

– Partners Dental Studio: More than just a Lab (03:32)

– Tiger screws: A game-changer in palatal expansion (08:50)

– Swappable screws innovation (12:30)

– Titanium for expanders (16:01)

– Always charge accordingly (24:37)

– $300,000 3D metal printer gamble (41:52)

– Investing in technology for future success (44:13)


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