Dr. Dan Bills: Virtual Consults, Systems And Practice Efficiencies

The Orthopreneurs Podcast

Before the pandemic, virtual orthodontic consults were mainly viewed as more of a marketing gimmick to get new patients to our chairs.

Fast forward to a post-pandemic world, virtual consults are now a convenient tool that every practice should provide potential new patients and existing patients.

Virtual visits cannot replace in-office appointments, but they surely enhance the experience for both patients and doctors.

For Orthodontists, it helps us deliver quality and efficient care in a convenient manner. It opens up the possibilities of even greater efficiencies in our practices by opening up new scheduling slots. 

In this episode, I am joined by Dr. Dan Bills, who runs a state-of-the-art practice with 3 locations in Southern New Jersey. We chat about virtual consults and how to increase efficiencies in orthodontic practices.

In addition, Dr. Bills is a passionate educator and offers an in-house course where you get to see compact systems in action, virtual orthodontic visit systems, new patient processes, modern marketing, and tech-driven office design.

Tune in to learn more.

Key Takeaways

  • Dr. Dan’s background and practice (03:47)
  • The power of the Ortho-Pedo relationship (06:45)
  • Natural scaling points for a dental practice (09:44)
  • The common theme across all best ortho practices (12:16)
  • Virtual orthodontic visits – marketing gimmick or here to stay? (20:23)
  • What % of your appointments are made up of virtual visits (23:35)

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