Efficiency and TMD Demystified w/ Dr. Ron Roncone

Efficiency and TMD Demystified w: Dr. Ron Roncone

In our Orthodontic world, we always strive to have the most successful practices we can ever have and deliver great ortho to our patients.

It’s not uncommon to have a buzzword many people use to describe concepts or processes that will bring us more success. I’m sure we’ve all come across the current buzzword- efficiency. 

Everybody is looking to be more efficient in their practice, but what exactly does it mean.

In this episode, I am honored to have one of the most sought-after speakers and a leader in Orthodontics.

Dr. Ron Roncone has practiced ortho for more than 50 years. He is a true trailblazer in our profession.

Besides efficiency, we discuss at great length TMD concepts and the importance of occlusal skills.

Dr. Roncone advises orthodontists who want to differentiate themselves to do what others don’t want to do. Learn about TMJ, and get better at your occlusal skills to finish cases exceptionally. These skills will set your practice above the rest.

Tune in to this fascinating interview to learn a thing or two from the master!

Key Takeaways

  • The role of efficiency in your practice (08:06)

  • Efficiency vs. effectiveness (09:31)

  • Why every Ortho resident should learn the concept of deprogramming (18:52)

  • CBCT for every patient who walks through the door (27:56)

  • Average case finish time and visits for Dr. Roncone (33:06)

  • Occlusion has nothing to do with TMJ problems (36:54)

  • It’s all about the sagittal plane (42:39)

  • Good occlusal skills will make a good case exceptional (47:04)

  • What are you doing to differentiate yourself (56:29)