Facial Esthetics: Exploring The Role of Fillers and Botox in Orthodontics w/ Dr. Amanda Gallagher

Facial Esthetics Exploring The Role of Fillers and Botox in Orthodontics w Dr. Amanda Gallagher

Today on the show, we have one of the true North Stars in our profession. One of the incredible women shaping the future of Orthodontics. 

Dr. Amanda Gallagher is always striving to provide the best results for her patients, giving back to the schools and communities she serves, and inspiring a lot of Orthodontists. 

She has grown her Practice, AG Ortho, to 4 locations in 9 years with the help of her husband Ben. 

Talking of her practice offices, they resemble more of a high-end salon than an orthodontist office. Each location with its own unique theme and a welcoming aura. She describes herself as an office design addict.

Dr. Gallagher received her DMD degree from Temple University School of Dentistry in Philadelphia, PA, and graduated at the top of her dental school class with Summa Cum Laude recognition. She then proceeded to the University of Maryland for her residency. 

 Amanda is a recognized leader in Aesthetic Orthodontics. She is leading the way in looking at cosmetic options for patients to go in conjunction with orthodontic treatments. 

 Things like fillers, Botox, and other cosmetic injectors can be part of our treatment planning. Patients are more likely to trust an orthodontist with their face harmony than anyone else. 

Tune in to hear her story and what she is doing to provide patients with more facial aesthetic options. 

Key Takeaways

  • Meet Dr. Amanda Gallagher (00:34)

  • Different themes for different locations – how it works (04:59)

  • How to operate 4 locations successfully (07:43)

  • The benefits of being part of an OSO (13:08)

  • What to look for in an associate (24:55)

  • The BIG advantage of being a woman in the Ortho profession (28:50)

  • Facial aesthetics with fillers and Botox (39:26)

  • Why orthodontists are better suited for facial cosmetics (42:48)

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