From An Associate To A Partner At Kozlowski Orthodontics

From An Associate To A Partner At Kozlowski Orthodontics

Today on the Orthopreneurs Podcast, we have Dr. Michael T. DePascale. He is a partner at Kozlowski Orthodontics.

Mike graduated top of his class from the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine and then went for residency at the University of Maryland Orthodontics program in 2017 before joining Kozlowski Orthodontics as an associate.

His clinical excellence and continuous improvement in understanding the business processes and practice management saw him elevated to a partner at one of the leading orthodontics practices in the country.

Kozlowski Orthodontics is well known for orthodontics efficiency, the highest quality treatment, and amazing patient experience.

Dr. Jeff Kozlowski is an internationally sought-after lecturer renowned for his unique perspective on quality orthodontic treatment results and clinical efficiency.

Joining him as a partner says all you need to know about Dr. Michael T. DePascale.

He attributes his rise to a willingness to listen and learn from his mentors and those who know more than him in the profession.

In addition to Ortho, Mike is an avid fitness enthusiast. He does some pretty cool stuff and inspires orthodontists and other people to be better every day.

Tune in to hear his amazing story and be inspired!

Key Takeaways 

  • Dr. DePascale Ortho story (04:03)
  • Becoming a partner at Kozlowski Orthodontics (08:07)
  • Advice for associate orthodontists (11:21)
  • Orthognathic surgery for sleep issues (17:45)
  • Deadlifting 500 pounds + running a 5-minute mile on the same day (27:05)
  • Stretch your limits over and over again (34:24)
  • It’s all about the journey (37:58)

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