From Zero to 7 Figures: How an Orthodontist Leveraged Social Media to Skyrocket Their Practice in Record Time

From Zero to 7 Figures How an Orthodontist Leveraged Social Media to Skyrocket Their Practice in Record Time

In orthodontic social media marketing, there is a common misconception that success is solely based on being humorous or possessing a unique “X factor.”

However, the truth is that leveraging education, storytelling, and authenticity can greatly contribute to building a successful practice.

In this episode, I am joined by Dr. Ashley Kisling, who grew her practice to 7 figures through the power of social media.

One of the most effective ways for orthodontists to connect with their audience and grow their practice is through the art of storytelling.

Dr. Kisling emphasizes the significance of sharing relatable stories that resonate with potential patients.

By opening up various facets of their lives, orthodontists can create content pillars that showcase different aspects of their personality, profession, and personal experiences. Storytelling humanizes the orthodontist, making them more approachable and relatable to their audience.

In addition to storytelling, Dr. Kisling shares the differences between platforms, how to leverage social media while working with third-party companies, and how to use your social media to attract high-conversion patients.

She will be speaking and sharing more at the Orthopreneurs Summit in September, but in the meantime, tune in to this episode and get some insights on some cool ways to use the different platforms to grow your practice!

* Key Takeaways

  • Meet Ashley Kisling (01:37)
  • Building authority and credibility online (04:21)
  • Being on the right platform at the right time (05:16)
  • Telling your story as an orthodontist (06:55)
  • Use social media to educate (14:18)
  • Bring value to the consumer through your posts (16:28)
  • Do you cater to kids or moms on social media? (18:44)
  • Influencer marketing for ortho companies (24:50)

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