From Zero to Mastery: The 4ormula for Accurate Self-Assessment

From Zero to Mastery The 4ormula for Accurate Self-Assessment

Most of us have encountered the challenge of not knowing a team member’s proficiency levels in something. The response we are likely to get from them isn’t helpful at all.

To solve this problem, I built “The 4ormula” to turn subjectivity to objectivity.

The formula can be applied to all aspects of life, including personal life, work, and parenting, to help individuals better communicate their proficiency in a specific area by objectively evaluating their skills.

Tune in to learn how it works!

Key Takeaways

  • Changing subjectivity to objectivity (00:48)
  • How The 4ormula works (01:31)
  • How the 4ormula helps people communicate better (03:00)
  • How the 4ormula has helped me in my practice (04:30)

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