Fundamental Concepts In Smile Design – Five Minute Fridays

Fundamental Concepts In Smile Design

Today, I want us to talk about something very few people in orthodontics speak about. We rarely even get to hear about it in ortho residencies.

But it’s an excellent opportunity to bring it up as we get closer to Dr. David Sarver’s 4.5 CE Credit Course at the Orthopreneur University.

We are talking about embrasures and their role in designing the perfect smile. Incisal and gingival embrasures will either break or make your case. ????

If you are looking to get better outcomes and make your practice stand out, then this is definitely something you should be interested in.

Tune In! ????

Key Takeaways

  • Incisal embrasures (01:11)
  • Why you should be reshaping teeth in all your cases (01:58)
  • Gingival embrasures (03:11)
  • Gingival contouring (04:33)
  • What’s in Dr. Sarver’s Course at the Orthopreneur University (06:13)

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