Greatest Hits: John Graham – Life Isn’t Always A Straight Line

Greatest Hits John Graham – Life Isn't Always A Straight Line

Today in the Greatest Hits series, we feature a respected lecturer, amazing clinician, and awesome person.

Dr. John Graham is an orthodontist who made the unusual decision to transition from oral surgery during his fifth year of training.

In this episode, we will hear John talk about the factors that led to his decision, and how he was able to successfully transition from a really thriving practice in one state to building a brand new one in another state through outside-the-box thinking.

We will learn about the impact of his location on this growth, how he manages his practice, and his early adoption of airway orthodontics.

And last but not least, John will share his insight into how a scientifically and medically trained individual approaches new technological innovation and adoption in his practice.

This is an important episode for all of us to learn from – from John’s incredible story!

Tune in.

Key Takeaways

  • Dr. Graham’s background (01:41)
  • Never burn bridges (16:11)
  • Transitioning a practice across States (21:00)
  • If you know what you want, nothing can stop you (25:15)
  • Tips for building a beautiful ortho office (27:52)
  • Location, location, location (31:16)
  • Airway and sleep-disordered breathing (37:36)
  • When to adopt new innovation to your practice (48:19)
  • The limitations of an evidence-based only perspective (53:50)

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