Greatest Hits: Jonathan Nicozisis “The Power of No”

Greatest Hits Jonathan Nicozisis The Power of No

A few weeks ago, we featured Dr. Jonathan Nicozisis for the second time on the podcast. His story and perspectives on many orthodontic topics are invaluable. In this episode, we revisit his first interview as part of our Greatest Hits Series.

Dr. Nicosizis shares his journey to becoming an orthodontist and the power of “No” as a motivator for success. Not one to give up after hearing a “No”, he’s always used “No” as a way of persevering instead and achieving what many felt was impossible. Dr. Nicozisis goes on to give us several interesting examples of this mindset in his career right from his dental school days. His perspective on life and practice are sure to motivate you to push through those tough times.

Several years ago, I was as anti-aligner as anybody you could ever meet. And then, I had the opportunity to watch Dr. Nicozisis at a conference. He is also an educator and lecturer who teaches internationally about new technologies and improvements of Invisalign, and a member of the Invisalign National Speaker Bureau and Clinical Research Network.

Dr. Nicozisis showed me what one could do with plastic and how you can achieve the same results with aligners as you can with brackets and wires. He was generous with his time and has helped me realize how to implement plastic in my practice in a way I never really imagined possible. We talked extensively about aligners in this episode and why every orthodontist should learn how to move teeth with plastic.

Key Takeaways

  • The power of NO as a motivator (04:52)
  • Take a chance and see what happens (26:11)
  • Keeping yourself in front of your peers (32:06)
  • Aligner Intensive Fellowship Course (37:47)
  • Cases you can’t do with aligners (43:57)
  • The advantages of incorporating an Invisalign-focused practice (01:03:21)
  • Top 5 albums if you are stuck on a desert island (01:09:41)

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