Greatest Hits: Stuart Frost – Your Dream Practice is All About Positive Attitude

Greatest Hits Stuart Frost – Your Dream Practice is All About Positive Attitude

If you speak to any orthodontist about office culture, Dr. Stuart Frost and his practice will likely feature in the conversation.

What he does culturally in his practice is just amazing. Every one of his team members is very positive, and eager to help each other and the patients, and everyone walks around with an easy smile on their face.

The team culture in Dr. Frost’s practice is characterized by a strong sense of camaraderie, teamwork, mutual respect, and overall greatness. I have witnessed it and–as a matter of fact–implemented some of the things they do at my own practice.

We all know that developing a great team culture is crucial for the success of any orthodontic practice, but how to do it is where the challenge lies.

At an airway and sleep-disordered breathing course at Hero City in Draper University, I got the chance to sit down with one of the most remarkable people/teachers/gentlemen in our profession.

Listen to him as he tells us how to build your dream practice culture and dream team. Take it from me….he does everything he’s telling you, and Superman isn’t behind me. He’s standing right next to me, giving this interview.

Key Takeaways

  • Meet Dr. Stuart Frost (01:13)
  • The tooth doesn’t know what bracket it has on (11:12)
  • The amazing culture in Dr. Frost’s office (24:44)
  • Advice for developing a great office culture (26:40)
  • Get the negativity out of the morning huddle (33:47)
  • Hire the right people to fit your culture (37:20)
  • Framing the greatness of each team member (39:05)

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