Hire for Attitude and Train for Skills – Collecting Good People for Your Practice w/ Gustavo Sanchez

Hire for Attitude and Train for Skills –Collecting Good People for Your Practice w Gustavo Sanchez

There are those people you meet who end up having a very good connection, and a great friendship develops.

Today on the show, I have one of these people.

Gustavo Sanchez was a patient at the clinic who ended up becoming a very good friend. As you’ll hear his story, he is an incredibly positive person who lights up any room he walks into.

His attitude and positivity eventually earned him a place in our office as a digital lab tech, quickly rising through the ranks to manage the lab, but just as is the case with good people, he didn’t take long before he outgrew our practice.

He now works as a Clinical Education Specialist (CES) for uLab, a position that enables him to talk on different stages and visit many orthodontic offices across the country.

Gustavo has a lot of great information he brings to the table for doctors, team members, or just anybody who wants to hear his story.

Listen in for his suggestions about ways to: 

✅Create a unique practice culture
✅Building a good relationship between doctors and team members
✅Approaching conversations with grace and respect
✅Setting aside your ego in the pursuit of excellence

Check it out!

Key Takeaways

  • Meet Gustavo Sanchez (02:01)
  • Collecting good people in your life (06:10)
  • Let go of things to learn more (08:54)
  • How you leave something is how you enter another (15:16)
  • Removing fear from the doctor-team dynamic (22:30)
  • Feed your Ego or feed your family (26:39)
  • Approaching conversations with grace and respect (28:39)
  • How to use uLab in your practice (37:24)

Additional Resources

🔹 Gustavo’s email: Gustavo.sanchez@ulabsystems.com or Phone No: 817-480-5551
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