How a Virtual Assistant Can Change YOUR Life w/ Melissa Smith

How a Virtual Assistant Can Change YOUR Life

Having a VA is one of those things you don’t know you need until you get one and realize what you’ve been missing.

Having some tasks taken out of your plate not only saves you time but can improve your quality of life significantly. It allows you to focus on what you love doing and, in the process, even earn more.

Those 1 or 2 hours a VA helps take off your daily schedule adds up fast. It might be the difference between spending more time with your family, getting adequate sleep, or finding time to work out.

A virtual assistant is a highly-skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced person who chooses to work remotely. They are not your regular high school graduate looking to make a few dollars.

Personally, I have greatly benefited from having a VA handle some of my tasks that would otherwise take a lot of my time.

In this episode, I am joined by Melissa Smith, a Virtual Assistant Matchmaker who has helped me and others find VAs who are a good fit.

If you don’t know what exactly a VA does, how to get one, what to look out for, and how to onboard one into your life, then this episode is for you.

Tune in!

Key Takeaways

  • Meet Melissa Smith (01:01)

  • What a Virtual Assistant does (06:39)

  • The real test and mark of a VA (10:55)

  • How to onboard a VA (16:52)

  • How much to pay a Virtual Assistant (22:57)

  • Best practices to ensure your VA succeeds long term (33:35)