How To Achieve The Ideal Oblique Smile Profile | Five Minute Fridays

Achieve The Ideal Oblique Smile Profile

In line with this month’s theme of esthetic dentistry, today, we talk about the huge importance of the oblique smile.

As orthodontists, we don’t pay as much attention to that smile as we should, or at least many of us don’t, despite talking a big game to our patients.

Even though the straight-on profile is very helpful and the front face image, the oblique smile is what makes a case stand out.

As orthodontists, we should be thinking beyond moving teeth, we should be thinking full esthetics. And the oblique smile plays a huge role in this.

Luckily, we’ve got one of the greatest teachers of our generation, Dr. David Sarver, for this month’s Course at the OrthoPreneur University.

He loves talking about the oblique smile and will be teaching Interdisciplinary Smile Projection Techniques That Will Change Your Practice Forever!

Tune in ???? to learn more!

Key Takeaways

  • The importance of the oblique smile (00:28)
  • Clinical images vs. real-life smile (02:29)
  • Smile projection (03:44)
  • Think beyond moving teeth, think esthetics (04:43)


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