How To Answer New Patient Phone Calls w/ Amy Demas

How To Answer New Patient Phone Calls w Amy Demas

Most of us have had the experience of calling a medical office or any other business and felt disappointed at how the person at the other end answered the call and how the conversation went.

Sometimes, it feels more like an interrogation than a conversation, like a drill sergeant talking to a recruit.

Yet this is our first impression of the business, and probably the last one.

A new patient call is a great opportunity to make a lasting first impression and have a conversation that leads to a relationship.

The phone call sets the tone for a new patient’s experience in your practice.

But most of us are getting it wrong, even those who think their team is doing it right.

Today on the podcast, I have one of the best communication consultants in our profession.  

She is a trainer, coach, and president of Communicate Excellence who has helped many practices, including mine, drastically improve their communication. 

Amy’s approach to communication, from phone to patient experience inside your practice, is truly amazing.

How does she do it?

Tune in to learn more!

Key Takeaways

  • Meet Amy Demas (02:21)

  • Why we all need coaches for different aspects of our life (05:37)

  • Why orthodontists need to overcome sunk cost bias (10:26)

  • Don’t ride that dinosaur onto extinction (13:24)

  • Using small repeatable habits to improve communication (15:26)

  • Six sigma – reduce errors and variations to improve performance (18:16)

  • Common areas orthodontist practices can improve in their communication (19:52)

  • The Dunning-Kruger effect in ortho (26:37)

  • The #1 thing you must do in a new patient call (35:05)

  • Miscommunication and a lost quarter (41:50)