How to Be a Better Leader in Your Practice | 5-Minute Friday

How to Be a Better Leader in Your Practice

Today, we’ll talk about being a good leader and a manager in your practice.

What type of a leader are you? Are you a micromanager who wants everything done their way, or do you consider yourself to be only a doctor and let your team do things their way?

Both these approaches are extremes.

The key is finding some balance in your management style where you set the direction in your practice but also allow your team to be part of the decision-making.

Tune in to this 5-Minute episode to learn how your management style impacts your practice and how to keep evaluating if it’s working or not.

Key Takeaways

  • What kind of manager are you? (00:34)

  • The risk of being a micromanager (01:25)

  • How to identify if your style is working (01:58)

  • Involving your team more in decision-making (02:42)

  • Do this one thing at your next team meeting (03:19)

  • You don’t have all the answers (04:39)