Greatest Hits: Joe Hirsch – How to Give Effective Feedback

Greatest Hits Joe Hirsch – How to Give Effective Feedback

Today we’re bringing you a podcast episode that will blow your mind! We’re thrilled to have the one and only Joe Hirsch on the show – author of the Amazon bestseller “The Feedback Fix,” Inc. columnist, TEDx speaker, and international guru of effective feedback techniques.

We know that most of us cringe at the thought of giving constructive criticism to our team members – it’s just plain awkward. But fear not! Joe’s got the secret sauce to making feedback sessions a breeze, and it all starts with a little thing called “feed-forward.”

See, the problem with our current feedback approach is that it’s stuck in the past and often negative. It’s no wonder our team members end up feeling demotivated and unproductive. But Joe’s got a game-changing solution – let’s shift our focus to the future instead! By using feed-forward, we can help our team members see the positives and give them a roadmap to success.

Trust us, Joe’s insights are so incredible they’ll make your head spin! So tune in now and get ready to have your feedback game changed forever. Don’t miss out on this episode – it’s a must-listen for anyone who wants to be a feedback superstar!

Key Takeaways

  • Meet Joe Hirsch (00:52)
  • Moving feedback from a source of fear to joy (03:00)
  • Feedback vs. Feed-forward (03:50)
  • It’s not what you say; it’s what others hear (05:17)
  • The Feedback Fix (08:33)
  • The reason we often fail (19:25)
  • How to give feedback (23:11)
  • The right messenger to give feedback? (29:48)

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