Episode 132: Five Minute Friday – How To Protect Your Practice… NOW!

The Orthopreneurs Podcast

If you ask many experts, there are definitely economic “storm clouds” gathering on the horizon. Many of us feel them in different ways. Maybe you’re not having a record summer. Maybe you see a lower start %. Maybe there are more  shoppers or your July or August numbers are a bit down year over year. Perhaps this is all worrying about nothing and the storm clouds will pass, but what if they don’t? What is this is the beginning of a genuine shift in different economic spending patters versus the last 14 months since we reopened?

If you know me, you know that I am the king of optimism and I am bullish on orthodontics’ future. But in today’s episode of “Five Minute Friday” (it’s a bit longer, so sorry), I talk about 3-5 ways you can protect yourself if the economy does slow down a bit or grow your practice considerably if the economy stays the same or grows. These ideas can only help you in both scenarios and I’d strongly suggest you take a listen. I’m trying to give you an edge.

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