How to spot a better employee in 2 seconds

The title sounds too good to be true, right? After all, any of us who have hired employees know that there is no sure fire way to spot that employee who will be with us for a long time, helping us achieve our mission in the way we had hoped.
There are personality tests, dexterity tests and even a remarkably brilliant yet simple”walk test” (discussed previously on Orthopreneurs). Yet, none of these has any statistical proof that it works as a way of spotting that winning employee.
However, what if I could tell you that the type of browser your employee uses shows them to have a 15% better chance of them being more engaged, happier and more productive?
In his most recent book Originals, Adam Grant explains how an economist was leading a project to figure out why some customer service agents stayed in their jobs longer than others. He had data from over 30,000 employees with 3 million data points and found that those who used Firefox and Chrome stayed at their job 15% longer , had 19% less sick days and “significantly higher sales” versus their Microsoft Internet Explorer and Safari counterparts. Why do you think this was the case? (Pause and think for a second.)
[Elevator music plays while you think through the problem.] Hint: How do you get these browsers?
Obviously, the actual browser played no role in why there was a difference, but as I hinted above, it was how they got the browser. If you buy a PC or a Mac, Internet Explorer and Safari come pre-loaded, respectively. Two thirds of the agents used the default browsers never questioning if a better alternative was available.
As Grant stated: “To get Firefox or Chrome, you have to demonstrate some resourcefulness and download a different browser. Instead of accepting the default, you take a bit of initiative and seek out an option that may be better. And that act of initiative, however tiny, is a window into what you do at work.”
The browser someone uses obviously is just one small measure you could use to vet your next employee, but the concept is simple. Those who become our best team members need to think “outside the box” and try to adapt their positions into more than they were given and any insight into how they think is helpful at the interview.
So, which browser do YOU use?
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