Lessons from Growing Smile Doctors OSO to $2.5 Billion w/ Founder Dr. Scott Law

Lessons from Growing Smile Doctors OSO to $2.5Billion w Founder Dr. Scott Law

Smile Doctors is the largest and fastest-growing ortho-only dental support organization (OSO). Their growth has been remarkable, and they have a riveting origin story.

In this episode, I am joined by Dr. Scott Law, one of the founding doctors of Smile Doctors OSO, who tells us their story and some of the lessons they have picked up along the journey.

He explains how the idea started way back in 2012 but came to life in 2015 when he came together with Dr. Dana Fender and Dr. Greg Goggans.

At the last valuation, Smile Doctors weighed in at $2.5B, which is remarkable growth and—as Dr. Law puts it—incredibly humbling.

Whether you are part of a group, or an independent practice, Dr. Law attributes having success in orthodontics to three things in this order: Patient experience, clinical outcomes, and profitability. When those three are aligned, you have a balanced and healthy practice.

Join us in this episode as we talk about:

– The OSO business model
– Private equity transactions in an OSO
– Leadership
– Empowering your team

And much more.

Tune in!

Key Takeaways

  • Latest Smile Doctors valuation (01:59)
  • The OSO model – How Smile Doctors started (06:22)
  • Doctors as the face of an OSO (16:01)
  • Being open to learning and pivoting on behalf of the patient (20:18)
  • Invest in the right people (23:03)
  • The No.1 thing that determines success (26:23)
  • You always need a mission (32:30)
  • Empowering your team (35:34)
  • How the concept of private equity works in an OSO (45:35)
  • Why there’s a timeline to equity in OSOs (52:04)

Additional Resources

🔹 Smile Doctors Website: https://smiledoctors.com/ 
🔹 Dr. Scott Law’s Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/scott-law-63297272/
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