Lessons in Fearlessness and Adventure from Sibling Orthodontists

Lessons in Fearlessness and Adventure from Sibling Orthodontists

I’ve known Chris and Marty Trockel for years, having gone through orthodontic residency with them.

Even back then, I could tell there was something special about these two brothers. They had a certain je ne sais quoi – a fearlessness and determination that set them apart.

In this episode, they shared their extraordinary story and how they developed this mindset early in their childhood.

As I listened, I was struck by just how much their story can inspire all of us to pursue our dreams, no matter how unconventional they may be.

They share their vision of balancing orthodontics with extensive travel, homeschooling on the road, and providing dental care to remote communities.

They have built an unbelievable life and career doing what they love and helping people in their missions.

Tune in to learn how you can reimagine your professional and personal life and embrace a fearless approach to achieving your dreams!

Key Takeaways

  • Chris shares his upbringing and educational journey (03:07)
  • Discussion on the brothers’ philosophy of money and happiness (06:08)
  • Marty’s current adventures and family life (08:48)
  • Chris’s sailing experiences and mission work (12:41)
  • College years and the decision to pursue orthodontics (21:09)
  • Commitment to their vision and balancing professional life (30:36)
  • Chris and Marty’s service missions and dental care (34:30)
  • Most memorable travel experiences (45:49)
  • Closing remarks (49:59)

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