Loan Officer Reveals How to Secure Financing for Your Dream Orthodontic Practice

Loan Officer Reveals How to Secure Financing for Your Dream Orthodontic Practice

Building, buying, or expanding a dental practice is an exciting step for any dentist/orthodontist. It allows you to create your own space, deliver the care you envision, and build a successful business.

Turning that dream into reality often requires financing. Securing a traditional bank loan for land and construction can be tough. More so for those with limited down payment options.

In this episode, I chat with Bert Smith, Senior Vice President of Healthcare Financing at Live Oak Bank, to demystify orthodontic practice financing.

Bert explains how specialized banks cater to the unique needs of dental professionals.

From the benefits of SBA loans to the strategic advantages of owning your practice’s real estate, Bert shares a lot of insider knowledge that will definitely transform how you approach financing.

You will understand why conventional banks might struggle with your loan requests and how smaller bank’s personalized approach works best for dental/orthodontic practices.

Don’t miss out – this episode is packed with practical advice to help you make informed financial decisions.

Key Takeaways

  • Bert’s journey – career path to Live Oak Bank (01:57)
  • Banks’ view on orthodontic practices (03:01)
  • Traditional loan models – Financing land and buildings (10:35)
  • How SBA loans benefit orthodontic practices (14:58)
  • Flexibility of SBA loans (19:33)
  • SBA vs. conventional loans interest rates (25:45)

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