My Case Against ‘Airway-Friendly’ Orthodontics

My Case Against 'Airway-Friendly' Orthodontics

In this 5-Minute Friday, I’m going to introduce a controversial subject.

In the past, I used the term “Airway-Friendly Orthodontics,” but now I realize it was a mistake. It’s essential to grow and change.

This term has been misused to promote dangerous ideas. I want to explain why it’s problematic but also crucial to address airway concerns in orthodontics.

As an orthodontist, I focus on more than just the bite. Our expertise lies in altering skeletal patterns and tooth positions. If there’s a chance to help a child in distress, I will, especially in collaboration with other specialists.

Misleading narratives hinder progress in our field and prevent us from helping those in need. We must address legitimate airway concerns without dismissing them due to misuse of the term.

Join me in this episode as I argue against using “Airway-Friendly Orthodontics” and emphasize the importance of assisting vulnerable patients in the medical system.

* Key Takeaways

  • My case against airway-friendly orthodontics (00:35)
  • Why are people expanding four-year-olds? (01:04)
  • Are people expanding way too much? (02:10)
  • The loudest voices often are the least educated on the literature (03:01)
  • The role of the AAO (06:42)
  • I am not an airway-friendly orthodontist (11:10)

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