Why Occlusion Still Matters in Orthodontics w/ Dr. Maz Moshiri

Why Occlusion Still Matters in Orthodontics w Dr. Maz Moshiri

My interview with Dr. Maz Moshiri was incredibly eye-opening. We dug into his orthodontic journey, his expertise in splint therapy, and the ongoing debate about the role of occlusion in modern orthodontics.

One of our key takeaways was the importance of mentorship, both formal and informal.

Dr. Moshiri had the incredible opportunity to learn directly from his father, a specialist in TMJ treatment. This hands-on experience instilled in him a deep understanding of occlusion and its implications for orthodontic treatment.

Sadly, we agreed that occlusion seems to be a diminishing focus in many orthodontic residencies. While clear aligners offer powerful advantages, understanding the fundamental principles of occlusion is essential to avoid future complications for our patients.

We shared our own experiences of visiting other clinicians early in our careers and the invaluable knowledge we gained simply by observing and learning. If you want to learn something new, don’t hesitate to reach out and visit other practices. You might be surprised by how much you can learn in just a single day.

Tune in to this episode for insights from a true leader in our field.

Key Takeaways

  • Dr. Moshiri’s extensive background in orthodontics (01:11)
  • Why you need to visit practices (07:47)
  • Role of occlusion on orthodontics (11:33)
  • Integration of splint therapy in treatment (17:17)
  • The impact of wire bending knowledge on modern orthodontic practices (23:35)
  • Purpose and scope of the Aligner Intensive Fellowship (30:47)
  • Advice on dental practice management and transitions (34:48)

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