On Demand Orthodontist – From Start To Retainer w/ Dr. Alyssa Carter

On Demand Orthodontist

When you meet Dr. Alyssa Carter, you can’t help but love her enthusiasm for life and her overwhelming positivity.

Most of you have met her in CE courses, summits, and other orthodontic meets all over the country. How she manages to do all those CEs is just impressive. She is the most well-traveled orthodontist in North America. ????

But she is always trying to learn new things that can help drive efficiency at her practice, help her staff perform better, and improve the overall experience of her patients. Little wonder then that her practice is very successful.

Dr. Alyssa was born and raised in the small town of Sherman, Texas. She proceeded to Oklahoma State University for undergrad. And then Texas A&M Baylor for Dental School and the University of Florida for residency.

She returned to practice in her hometown and is now a partner at Stokes & Carter Orthodontics.

In this fun episode, we cover a lot of ground in all things orthodontics, including On Demand Orthodontist, an exciting new project that Alyssa is involved in.

Tune in to hear more about it and how it will revolutionize the orthodontic world.

Key Takeaways

  • Meet Dr. Alyssa Carter (00:30)

  • Practicing in a small town (06:43)

  • How Alyssa manages to do lots of CE (10:55)

  • Why Alyssa prefers Spark aligners in her practice (19:20)

  • Learn how OrthoFi can transform your practice (23:32)

  • Remote monitoring for practice efficiency (31:00)

  • Changing treatment philosophies to drive efficiency (35:08) 

  • On Demand Orthodontist (38:26)

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