OP Summit 2021

“It’s not just another meeting, it’s an experience!”

The Orthopreneurs Summit brings together orthodontists from around the country for a meeting like no other. You'll enjoy 5-star service, accommodations, food, entertainment, and lots of surprises. Professional speakers and leading experts will provide new tools and ideas to help you grow your practice, recommendations for professional development, and inspiration for personal growth, happiness, and success.

We have something truly incredible in store for you in Austin and we will strive to raise the bar further on what an ortho meeting can and should be!

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No annual meeting in orthodontics rivals the spirit, energy, comradery, value, or fun that the Orthopreneurs Summit provides. Not. Even. Close.

Dr. John Graham

Graham Orthodontics


The Orthopreneurs Summit is the best meeting I have ever been to! Extremely informative and relevant information to our profession. I had a blast. I will definitely be there next year! Very well organized. I went home reenergized about my future.

Dr. Michael Hess
Hess Orthodontics


The OP summit is an invigorating, energizing and spiritual meeting for me. I can't say enough great things about every aspect of the OP2019 meeting. We are a better profession because of the knowledge imparted, the camaraderie shared and the fun we had together at the special evening events. We are blessed to have available to us such a meaningful profession meeting.

Dr. Kate Lembck
Kate Lembck Orthodontics


OrthoPreneurs is one of the very few, must-attend meetings in Orthodontics. The production value is always at the highest possible level— the speakers, food, events, and entertainment are all top notch. In short, the buzz surrounding the OrthoPreneurs Summit is well-earned, and if you and your team decide to attend, you won’t be disappointed.

Dr. Kyle Fagala

Saddle Creek Orthodontics


The OP meeting is a great event to catch up with old friends and meet new orthodontists. The meeting has been extremely well organized in the past. The focused theme of the 2020 meeting and the fact there is only one track for both docs and team members is one of the main reasons that we signed up again to learn about the business of orthodontics.

Dr. Rooz Khosravi
Porth | Personalized Orthodontics


The OP Summit is unlike any other ortho meeting. Every lecture is worth going to and there's never any reason to leave the Summit. Every other meeting that I've attended over the last 20 years have had lectures that were just fillers and not relevant. Not the Summit. Every other meeting requires attendees to go find their own dining and entertainment. Not the Summit. The OP Summit is everything that you've ever wanted in an orthodontic conference...and more!

Dr. Timothy Finelli
Seacoast Orthodontics


The 2019 OP Summit was truly an extraordinary meeting, both as a speaker and as an attendant. The organization, quality of education and robust program was unsurpassed. In my opinion this has become a meeting that quite simply is a must attend each year.

Dave Paquette

Paquette Orthodontics


The OP Summit was the perfect blend of clinical orthodontics and practice management. The hosts go above and beyond to give us all an incredible experience. Whether you are new to our profession or are a veteran, I guarantee that you will come home energized and with something new for your practice. I highly recommend that all orthodontists attend the OP Summit!

Dr. Jason Rothenberg
Orthodontics for Children and Adults


The OP Summit is a true mind, body and soul experience! Every aspect of the meeting is precisely thought out and executed. From the speakers, to the food, to the morning workouts to the evening entertainment. This meeting is a must attend! It will motivate and inspire you (and your team) to be better.

Akash Pandya
SmileOn Orthodontics


The RD summit is the meeting of the decade! It is one of the most action packed weekends in terms of education, entertainment, and fellowship with other practitioners and friends. You will not be disappointed in the meeting or location of Austin, TX. You’re crazy if you pass up the chance to take part in this event.

Dr. Michael Ragan

Ragan Orthodontics


OP summit is the conference I most look forward to all year. I specifically appreciate that the lectures are based on the most current, hot topics entering the fast evolving field of orthodontics. The orthodontic and key-note speakers are all very engaging and the entertainment provided is top-notch!

Dr. Paiyal Popat
Hess Orthodontics


It was the best ortho meeting I’ve ever attended. Everything exceeded expectations including the speakers, the social events, the food, and the venue. I loved the camaraderie among fellow like-minded orthodontists. You won’t be disappointed!

Dr. Matthew Cline
All-Star Orthodontics


The Summit is the THE meeting to attend if you want to focus on gaining mental clarity on what it takes, in today’s world, to be a well-rounded orthodontist. While it is important to constantly improve upon our treatment techniques and clinical skills, it is of equal importance to run our practices efficiently (without compromising quality of patient care), and encourage team building. We, as orthodontists, have the opportunity to do so much more for those we are blessed to be surrounded by day-in and day-out, within our practices, to better the lives of our team members, our patients and their families, and our communities. And this is exactly what The Orthopreneurs Summit is all about. Somehow, the amazing Glenn Krieger and Mike Vidikan have mastered the concept of hosting a meeting where the culture is inviting and encouraging of camaraderie. Not to mention, there are other amazing perks, such as morning and evening entertainment, breakfast/snacks/lunch, being treated like royalty, and last but not least, the astounding speakers. The Summit 100% takes it to the next level.

Alyssa Emory-Carter

Stokes & Carter Orthodontics


2019 OrthoPreneurs was a great meeting of the minds in the industry. I got a chance to participate in a dinner discussion of pros and cons of all types of marketing ideas, hear the experts in Invisalign reviewing their clinical cases. We shared mistakes we all made and how to avoid them.

My TC had a wonderful morning immersion session with different practice consultants. She came back energized and immediately implemented many ideas she learned that day.
And I was happy to see all friends over ????and make new friends, and looking forward to the 2020 Austin!

Inna Gellerman
Gellerman Orthodontics

Apply to be a Speaker

Interested in speaking at the Orthopreneurs Summit? We’re looking for the absolute best speakers to present to our attendees. To be considered, you will need to fill out the speaker application below in full. You will be asked to submit a video sample to help us evaluate your potential as a speaker. Thanks in advance!