Overcoming Tragedy to Succeed Through Positivity w/ Dr. Jeff Heinz

Overcoming Tragedy

Today on The Orthopreneurs Podcast, we have one of the most inspirational and positive Orthodontists ever, Dr. Jeff Heinz of Heinz Orthodontists Rockford and Grand Rapids, Michigan.

He is well known in the Ortho community for his positivity and for being a great human being. Today, we get to know him better.

Dr. Heinz went to the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry for his undergraduate studies.

In his second year in dental school, he was involved in a motocross accident that left him paralyzed. This was a devastating accident that could have made him give up on his dreams, but he was very determined to rebuild his life.

He caught up with his classmates and got extra motivation to work hard to finish top of his class. He practiced General Dentistry for a while before going for residency at Indiana University.

Jeff’s story of overcoming tragedy to live a fulfilling and successful life is so incredible and a true testament to his resilience.

Tune in to hear his story in his own words and be inspired.

Key Takeaways

  • Dr. Heinz’s journey into becoming an orthodontist (01:42)

  • Being involved in a motocross accident (05:06)

  • Getting back to dental school after the accident (08:55)

  • Overcoming tragedy and living a full life (12:19)

  • You’ve got one life; be intentional with it (16:54)

  • Just Plus one it (19:47)

  • Launching a start-up practice in the middle of a pandemic (25:24)