Private Equity, OSOs, and Expanding Your Financial Horizons

Private Equity, OSOs, and Expanding Your Financial Horizons

There’s no end to the debate about whether dental support organizations (DSOs) are beneficial or hindering our profession.

I’m not here to rehash that argument.

Today, I want to explore a perspective I rarely hear discussed: the unique financial opportunities that open up when you join a private equity-backed OSO/DSO.

Suddenly, you’re part of a network of like-minded entrepreneurs who are eager to share ideas about investing and making your money multiply.

Let’s be realistic, unless your practice is consistently growing at a breakneck pace, you’ll almost always come out ahead in the long run by taking a lump sum payment and investing wisely, rather than taking regular income from your practice while inflation gnaws away at your returns.

It boils down to this: when you sell your practice to a private equity-backed DSO, you gain access to a world of high-potential investments. Commercial real estate, private equity, venture capital… the doors truly open when you’re surrounded by successful entrepreneurs.

Tune in to this 5-minute episode to learn more.

Key Takeaways

  • Networking is key to building wealth (00:52)
  • The lump-sum potential of joining a DSO (02:38)
  • Expanding investment horizons (05:47)
  • Adopting a wealth mindset (07:21)
  • Challenging the status quo (09:17)

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