Protect Your Orthodontic Practice from Embezzlement w/ David Harris

Protect Your Orthodontic Practice from Embezzlement w David Harris

Step into the secretive world of orthodontic offices, where smiles are perfected and a sinister plot unfolds!

In this episode, we uncover the shocking truth about dental embezzlement – a crime so rampant it’s like a pandemic! As startling statistics reveal, dentistry is the MOST embezzled profession, with orthodontists finding themselves as particularly enticing targets for these audacious thieves.

Are you at risk too? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered!

Joining us is David Harris of Prosperident. He is a Certified Fraud Examiner and a licensed private investigator who will also be speaking at the OP summit.

As he puts it, there are only two types of orthodontists, those who already know they’ve been embezzled and those who’ll eventually find out.

Tune in to understand the motivations behind embezzlement and take proactive measures to safeguard your practice!


* Key Takeaways

  • David’s background and how he ended up where he is (01:58)
  • How to prevent people from picking your lock (03:13)
  • Embezzlement is driven by ego and narcissism (09:12)
  • How not to hire someone with a criminal record (10:25) 
  • About 85% of revenue theft in orthodontics is on the revenue side (15:25)
  • The most common reasons why people embezzle (20:59)
  • The percentage of embezzlers who end up going to jail (25:24)
  • Simple rules for hiring (28:42)
  • Don’t give out get out of jail free cards (33:34)

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