Purple Velvet Suit Syndrome | 5-Minute Fridays

Purple Velvet Suit Syndrome

One of the greatest life lessons that changed how I look at life came from one of my patients. 

He was a bona fide lead singer in a lead band who came to his appointments in a crushed purple velvet suit with his gorgeous girlfriend in tow. 

He looked very dapper in his cool suit and exuded swag. 

The suit got me thinking….

As much as I loved it and would have liked to wear it, did it fit my personality?  

This is the lesson I’m sharing with you today in this 5-Minute Friday episode.

In orthodontics, we often come across some cool ideas we could implement in our practices. They could be tech, marketing strategies, office design ideas, etc.

But they might not fit the culture of your practice, your personality, or even your goals. You can emulate them, but you have to make them yours. 

Tune in to hear the story of my English Rock band lead singer and what we can learn from it. 

Key Takeaways

  • Trying different things in your practice (00:33)

  • Purple velvet suit syndrome (01:36)

  • What works for someone else might not work for you (03:06)

  • Does this match the culture of my office? (03:46)