Scale Up Or Scale Out? | 5-Minute Fridays

Scale Up Or Scale Out

As an orthodontist or a dentist, there comes a time when you give serious thought to scaling your practice.

But what nobody really talks about is what scalability actually means. Understanding what we need to do for our practices to get them bigger and more effective is key.

Now, there are two types of scalability:

  • Scaling up
  • Scaling out

In this episode, I take you through the process of scaling and what it entails by using practical examples of what we have done in our practice and when you should consider doing them.

The question for you today is, where are you right now in your practice, in terms of scaling up or scaling out, relative to where you want to be?

To learn more about scalability, join Dr. Ben Fishbein, Amanda Floyd, and Dr. Sarah Howle For the “Orthodontic Practice Management and Marketing for Growth and Scalability” course in April 2022 at Orthopreneur University.  

Key Takeaways 

  • What scalability entails (00:33)
  • The 2 types of scalability (00:52)
  • When you should consider scaling (02:30)
  • Practical examples of when to scale (03:01)
  • Are you ready to scale? (04:41)

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