Seriously, Do You Want To Be Successful?

Last night, I gave a lecture to about 15-20 local dental offices and the group included everyone from docs to assistants hygienist and front office personnel.

They loved some of my ideas, and then I asked “How many in here want to have a REALLY successful practice?

Every single person raised their hand.

I then said, “Great. So, you just saw me post about how to create a whiteboard video for your office. It only takes about 10 minutes to create and less than $50. I expect every office in here that wants to be successful to have created the script for one tomorrow.”  

The room went silent.

All of a sudden you could see the wheels spinning in the heads of the attendees and it was like, “Yeah, I want a perfect practice, but I don’t know if I want it THAT much.


If you look at the featured image for this post, it sums up my philosophy about life. Yeah, I know, sometimes I am THAT guy. You know, the one who just doesn’t stop. You wonder why he’s up at 1 am on a work night doing things to tinker with my practice, my social media stuff, etc.  I can’t help it. I can’t say that I understand why, except that every day I feel the need to get better at everything I do.

But I wasn’t always like this.

I was the guy who tried, to a point, but then social life played a role and things that were important took a backstage. Maybe watching sports, maybe hanging out with friends. Instead of working out, I ate poorly and watched TV.

Then one day I realized that if I wanted to be successful, it could never turn off and I haven’t looked back.

Yeah, it was as simple as a conscious decision.

Every day, younger doctors email or message me asking the secret of success. They thank me for my insight and guidance, but what do they do with it? I don’t know, but I hope they’re working on business plans, pro forms, marketing strategies and other ways to make their lives better.

So, if you’re reading this, you have two choices: Dream about having your ideal life and practice or actually go out there and do it.

Are you going to surf the web for a while or are you going to go do something to make yourself, your practice or your life better, RIGHT NOW?

You have the choice to get excuses or result, but not both. Which will it be?

All the best,

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