Sometimes, It's the Little Things

I love crazy socks (and weird belts too, but that’s another post). So, when I recently came across a couple of interesting pairs online, I snatched them up.
When the socks arrived and I opened the package, my wife rolled her eyes and my kids laughed, but I noticed something else. Tucked in the back of the package was a little, handwritten note from John, the owner of the company. All it said was: “Thank you so much. I hope you love the socks. John.”
It wasn’t a long note and it wasn’t even written for me. “He” probably wrote hundreds of these to be added to the packages, but it’s interesting how that turned this purchase into a more personal transaction for me. Instead of simply buying from a company, I was supporting what seemed to be a nice guy. In the back of my mind, it makes me more likely to WANT to buy from “him” again.
I don’t know if there is even a “John” from “John’s Crazy Socks”, but it’s amazing how one little 2 sentence note made all of the difference for me. Now, if their socks are bad quality (they’re not) or aren’t interesting enough to purchase (they are) no note would make up for that. But they are, and it does.
All too often, we practice owners try to develop new ways to grow our businesses. Marketing, advertising and contests seem to rule the day, but sometimes as simple handwritten note or personal touch can make all the difference.
When I started my practice, every new bonding got a phone call that night. Every referral got a hand written note to the doctor who referred them. As I got busier, the noted stopped and the calls diminished.
I think this is a reminder it’s time to start them again. It’s simple, easy and representative of the kind of practice I run. I’m not a huge DSO. I’m just a guy who tried to do good ortho and take care of those around me. I’m not “Krieger Orthodontics”. I’m “Glenn” the doctor who cares about his patients.
Oh, and thank you to all of you for reading my blog and attending our meeting. It means the world to me. 🙂
All the best,
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