Take Action on your Pending List

Powerful Strategies To Grow Your Orthodontic Practice in 2022 w: Dr. Ann Marie Gorczyca

As orthodontists, we know that it takes a lot to build and grow a successful practice that provides us with the financial freedom and work-life balance we are all looking for.

In this episode, I am joined by Dr. Ann Marie Gorczyca from Antioch, California. She is a practicing orthodontist of 32 years. In addition, she has authored 4 books on dental practice management. These are the books she wished she had early on in her career.

She shares some of her vast wealth of knowledge on how we can better manage our practices to increase income, reduce expenses and maximize profits.

????The bottom line is how profitable your practice is.

One important tip that Dr. Gorczyca insists on is the orthodontist’s role in clearing up the pending list by making follow-up calls. It doesn’t matter how long ago a patient came in for an exam; there is no downside to following up.

Tune in to tap into Dr. Gorczyca’s decades of experience in dental practice management to maximize profits in your practice!

Key Takeaways

  • Introduction to Dr. Ann Marie Gorczyca (00:49)
  • 6 aspects of orthodontic practice management (01:25)
  • Work-life balance (05:15)
  • Treatment coordination- the engine of your practice (11:43)
  • The single important characteristic of a fantastic TC (14:51)
  • Make that Follow up call after two days (16:49)
  • Role of the orthodontist in managing finances (32:04)

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